ABOUT US


We started the activity in Ataşehir with the aim of collecting our experiences we have gained for decades under one roof, employing more qualified personnel and becoming successful in the triangle of accuracy, time and quality.


Compared to 2010, when we were actively acting as a corporation, our current number of employees increased by 4 times, providing a significant employment opportunity for professionals in the sector. We provide professional services to many domestic and foreign companies in different sectors in our company which serves with about 20 personnel. This added value that we can provide is important for our partners 'respect and affection for our employees' professions. The compliment and appreciation responsibility we receive from our customers for the service provided by our company further increases our love and respect for the profession. We would like to thank our valued customers who have given us this opportunity.

At the present time  our company has 4 Independent accountant  and Financial advisor , 4 Independent accountant and Financial advisor Trainees and There are personnels who  prepared for the Independent accountant and Financial advisor Internship.


 In addition to our company also is a member of the international audit firms of  Prime Global organization.


In the "IDENTITY" section of our web page, there is a detailed shareholder and staff information.